ASK Consulting Services

Askinc provides the best strategic paths for new and existing businesses to follow. We’re meticulous, efficient and thorough, and are experts in Sage 50 and QuickBooks accounting software. We know both programs inside and out!

With 20 years’ experience as business owners, along with over 35 years of accounting knowledge, we can empower and guide you to achieve higher performance rates and profit margins.

Our services include:

  • Year-end
    Learn how to save money by getting your file ready for the accountant the best way!
  • Data file review
    ASKinc will give you peace of mind with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reviews to ensure you’re doing things right!
  • Development and Implementation
    of new accounting systems and processes
  • Operations Streamlining
    We’ll review what’s working – and what’s not – and move you forward!
  • Company Start-up
    are you new at owning a business? Are you moving from employee to employer?
    ASKinc will ease this vital transition and help you dazzle!
  • Growing smarter
    Expansion is not easy. What level of income justifies another employee? Where’s your new cash flow coming from? ASKinc will show you the smart way to grow!
  • Financial Analysis
    Do margins, ratios, COGS, and cash flow analysis give you a headache? ASKinc will show you what reports you need to review to make good business decisions!
  • Job Costing
    ASKinc will teach you how to enter your data into QuickBooks or Sage 50 to keep you up-to-date with each and every job to ensure you are making money!
  • Profit Sharing
    Let ASKinc show you how sharing profits can increase your bottom line!
  • Bookkeeping
    if you aren’t sure how to enter items in QuickBooks or Sage 50, or how to handle specific situations, ASKinc will show you how!

Askinc consulting will help you create the paths that lead to achieving profitable business goals.
Contact us today! ASKinc is ready to help you grow your business!