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Start learning today!   Learn new business skills online, anywhere, anytime.

The workplace has evolved, and so has our training. We’ve taken the educational power of the classroom and put it online. Learn new skills at your own pace – at your convenience!

Are you a Business Owner? An Accountant? A Bookkeeper?

You know you really need to get on top of your bookkeeping and accounting chores — but how are you going to carve out another few hours a day to do it — if you even had all the necessary skills?

That means you can learn on your own time, at your own speed.

A half-day accounting or bookkeeping course will cost you $150-$250
AND you have to go to a specific place, at a specified time,
and then you’re on your own…

We are working number-crunching entrepreneurs who practice what we teach. Our videos are stuffed with real-world information and examples that you can easily apply to your business or professional situation.

For just $99 we offer 30-day access to a terrific set of videos – a full spectrum of accounting and bookkeeping instruction, real-life scenarios, and the answers to your questions. Do you work best in the early morning, the middle of the night, or in 15-minute chunks? At your desk, cosy and relaxed in your own bed, or outside on the patio? You choose the date and time, and you’re off! For a full 30 days, work anywhere, on your own schedule 24/7, and review points as many times as you like. Really get to know the material! Not only that, you get individual email access for your questions, too – for the entire 30 days!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a course and learn something new today!