Bookkeeper Pre-employment Skill Testing

So you have advertised for a bookkeeping position and interviewing potential candidates are complete. And now you find yourself in a dilemma.
Two or three of those candidates interviewed very well and have the qualifications required for the job. Or do they?
Pre-employment bookkeeping testing can help you in discovering an applicant’s true skills, assisting you in making a more informed hiring decision.

Askinc currently provides onsite Bookkeeper Pre-employment Skill Testing.

Contact us today to schedule pre-hire testing for your next hire.

Online Bookkeeper Pre-employment Skill Testing

Online testing is a more economical solution and provides you the convenient option to test anywhere, anytime.
The online Bookkeeper pre-hire test is currently under development, and will be available shortly.

Pre-employment Skill Tests

Online pre-employment tests for other industries are planned for the near future.
If you are a business owner or hiring manager wanting to incorporate pre-hire tests into your hiring process, just askinc. We’ll assist in setting you up with your online pre-employment testing, provide the platform, and follow through with support to ensure success in the process.